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Trending Videos - Meeting Shia, Don't Text and Drive, Creepy Dial-up Modem

June 30, 2011- Selena Gomez meeting Shia LaBeouf for the first time, a powerful anti-texting message and an eerie version of a familiar sound are all trending in our area today.

Meeting Shia
Who said even stars can't become star-struck? This backstage, first-time meeting between Shia LaBeouf and Selena Gomez has been viewed nearly a million and a half times since Gomez posted it Tuesday.
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BMW "Overprotective" - Don't Text and Drive
A simple message is given new impact in this public service message from automaker BMW. The video was posted nearly a month ago, but it has just started taking off. It's the third most-viewed video in our area today.
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Dial-up sound 700% slower (Creepy)
Here's one for people who love technology. The author took an ordinary recording of that annoying sound a dial-up modem makes when it connects to the internet and slowed it down 7 times. The result is eerie - some even say scary.
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