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Trending Videos - Unbelievable moves and cool tunes

July 21, 2011 - From dancing pizza makers to nail painters to feats of parking prestidigitation... we've got it in the trending videos report.

India Pizza Hut

This video is blasting up the most-shared charts. According to the person who posted it, it's "a normal day at the Agra Pizza Hut (in India). The song is named Kala Chasma." BE SURE to check out the second guy's feet at about :43 in.

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Picanto nail art animation
Yeah, we know it's a commercial. And yeah, we know the Kia Picanto isn't available in the U.S. But the animation done, using hundreds of bottles of fingernail polish and some fake nails, is still pretty impressive. This video is one of the most-viewed in Germany at the moment. We assume you can buy a Picanto there.
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Rockstar Parking
Finally, people in Canada can't get enough of this video. Here's what the submitter said: "This is probably one of the most spectacular parking jobs you'll ever see. Great way to avoid the valet, but now he's going to have to walk all the way across the parking lot." I'm just impressed that the driver was able to get out of the car.
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