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POLL: Should boy get prize for amazing shot?

Should boy get prize for amazing shot?

FARIBAULT, Minn. - August 15, 2011

It was an unbelievable shot.  11-year-old Nate Smith shot a puck from center ice through a three-and-a-half inch hole to win $50,000.

The problem is, Nate wasn't the person who was supposed to take the shot.

It happened last Thursday night at a celebrity hockey game in Faribault, Minnesota.

Nick Smith purchased a raffle ticket for a chance at taking the shot.  His name was drawn, but he was outside. 

His twin brother Nate took the shot in his place.

The next day the boys' father called event organizers to tell them the truth.

It hasn't been decided yet whether they will be awarded the money.

If they get the money, the twins say they will save it for college.

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