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September 30, 2011 - What do the Marines do when donkeys and horses can only carry about 240 pounds over rough terrain? Try building a new one!

Alpha Dog
The AlphaDog Proto is a lab prototype for the Legged Squad Support System, a robot being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps. When fully developed the system will carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile missions in rough terrain. The first version of the complete robot will be completed in 2012. This video shows early results from the control development process. In this video the robot is powered remotely. AlphaDog is designed to be over 10x quieter than BigDog. For more information visit us at www.BostonDynamics.com.
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Big Dog
BigDog climbs in the woods, keeps its balance when kicked and when slipping on ice, travels through snow and mud, jogs 5 mph, and climbs some rubble.
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3 Generations of Big Dog robots
Three generations of BigDog, including robot pup. Highlights from 2004-2010.
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