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POLL: Is "Hot Problems" the worst song ever?

April 20, 2012 - Critics are calling it the WORST song EVER.

It's called "Hot Problems" and it's become an overnight internet sensation with 2 million YouTube views and counting.

The duo behind it? They're named Drew Garrett and Lauren Willen. They call themselves Double Take.

They are both 17-year-old high school seniors in California.

They say they wanted to create something funny to show their friends. Whether or not it is tongue in cheek, they say they wanted people to know that everyone has problems even "hot girls."

"We knew that we couldn't actually sing," Garret has said to ABC News. "So we decided to go for more of a talking singing."

They aren't sure if they are going to the prom because they don't have dates yet. The girls do plans to attend college - and hinted to ABC's Abbie Boudreau that they might write more songs.

Again, "Hot Problems" is being called the worst song, even when compared to last year's internet hit, Rebecca Black's "Friday", which was also criticized but is now being praised by some as a musical masterpiece.

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