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Wing Bowl 20 - The Competitors

Jonathan Squibb
Berlin, NJ
Super SquibbHeight: 6'4
Weight: 215 lbs
Wing Bowl 17, 18 & 19 Champion2-1
Bill Simmons
Woodbury Heights, NJ
El WingadorHeight: 6'5
Weight: 330lbs
Wing Bowl 7, 9, 10, 11 & 13 Champion4-1
**Takeru Kobayashi
Nagano, Japan
KobayashiHeight: 5'8
Weight: 127lbs
Invited Guest Eater2-1
Nick Kehler
Glassboro, NJ
Nick PapagorgioHeight: 5'8 Weight: 285 lbsWing Off Winner #1- PJ's Cherry Hill-19 Wings in 5mins25-1
Gerry Spearing
Philadelphia, PA
IcemanHeight: 6'2
Weight: 252 lbs
6 Soft Pretzels, 1/2gallon of Milk in 7.5 Mins20-1
Jack Diamond
Bainbridge, PA
Snack JackHeight: 5'10
Weight: 220lbs
5 Whoopie Pies in 4 Mins75-1
Kevin Richmond
Philadelphia, PA
Kenso KevinHeight: 5'8
Weight: 240 lbs
6 Peanut Butter Sand & Gallon of Milk in 3mins20-1
**Stacey McCarthy
Allentown, PA
EateramaHeight: 6'2
Weight: 240 lbs
McDonalds Challenge in under 10 mins7-1
**Steven Bianco
Pennsville, NJ
Stevil KanevilHeight: 6'2
Weight: 170 lbs
1 Grilled Cheese Sandwich in 1 min8-1
John Barnett
Blackwood, NJ
Boring JohnHeight: 5'11
Weight: 280 lbs
5 1ft Meatball Subs from Subway in 3 mins15-1
**Joe Illgas
Kennett Square, PA
Elmer FuddHeight: 5'10
Weight: 200lbs
3lbs of pasta/1lb of Rabbit in 10 mins50-1
Dave Goldstein
Voorheese, NJ
U.S. MaleHeight: 6'1
Weight: 235lbs
4 lbs of Lasagna in 5 mins10-1
**Martin Russo
Allentown, PA
The RoosterHeight: 5'9
Weight: 200lbs
2.5lb Ponzio's Pot Pie in 3 mins40-1
**Dimitry Shchupak
Langhorne, PA
The Ukraine TrainHeight: 6'0
Weight: 250lbs
8 McDonald's Cheeseburgers in 2 mins 75-1
**Peter Cox
Kintnersville, PA
King KongHeight: 6'5
Weight: 325lbs
4 Whoppers in 6 mins35-1
Jerry Coughlan
Clifton Heights, PA
Gentleman JerryHeight: 6'2
Weight: 375lbs
1lb Ham Sandwich in 2 mins9-1
Rick Russo
Trappe, PA
Rick the ManagerHeight: 5'10
Weight: 230lbs
6 ft 9in of Sushi Eaten off Wingettes100-1
**Stephanie Torres
Las Crucel, NM
ChilitaHeight: 5'0"
Weight: 105lbs
9ft of Sausage in 5mins3-1
Kevin Ambs
Conshohocken, PA
QwazyHeight: 6'5
Weight: 325lbs
Wing Off Winner5-1
Richard Razzi
Schwenksville, PA
Not RichHeight: 6'1
Weight: 225 lbs
5 lbs of Pineapple in 3 mins, 40 secs35-1
**Breandan Lyman
Philadelphia, PA
Skin & BonesHeight: 6'3
Weight: 165lbs
2 Large Tomato Pies in 6 mins, 50 secs8-1
**Greg Moyer
Lansdale, PA
Mr. 1%Height: 6'4
Weight: 240lbs
3 Five Guys Double Cheeseburgers in 5 mins30-1
John Harker
Woodbury, NJ
Freak of NatureHeight: 6'5
Weight: 260 lbs
4 Wawa Sizzlies & 1/2 Gallon of Eggnog in 4 minutes, 50 seconds50-1
Craig Injajin
Abington, PA
Hot PocketsHeight: 6'0
Weight: 225lbs
1 Cheesesteak in 44 seconds50-1
Doug Canavin
Parts Unknown
Damaging DougHeight: 6'2
Weight: 345lbs
Studio Wing Off Co-Winner20-1
John Bradley
Philadelphia, PA
Oink OinkHeight: 6'4
Weight: 225lbs
Studio Wing Off Co-Winner18-1


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