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  • Ben Affleck will don Batman's cape and cowl.
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  • The Buzz
  • Plus, Ben Affleck to live on $1.50 a day
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  • Jennifer Garner tries not to look at reviews of the outfits she wears because, inevitably, someone isn't going to like it.
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  • Some years, Academy Awards voters just want to feel right about themselves, their industry, their country. And maybe honor one of their own.
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  • Ben Affleck is taking his name off the list of possible candidates for U.S. Sen. John Kerry's seat, which would be open if the Democratic senator from Massachusetts is confirmed as secretary of state.
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  • What do Hollywood superstar Ben Affleck and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have in common? Both Clinton and Affleck think every child across the world deserves a fifth birthday.
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  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's family is growing - representatives for the actors say the couple are expecting their third child.
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  • Cindy McCain is teaming up with actor Ben Affleck to try to bring more attention to violence against women in Congo, as well as that country's upcoming presidential election.
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  • Ben Affleck launched a new initiative Monday to raise money and awareness over atrocities committed against women and children.
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