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  • An Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot hijacked a plane bound for Rome on Monday and flew it to Geneva where he wanted to seek asylum.
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  • A federal judge has sentenced a Somali man to life in prison for his role in the hijacking of a yacht that left all four Americans on board dead.
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  • DNA testing has failed to link a new suspect in the D.B. Cooper hijacking to a necktie that he left behind on the plane in 1971, the FBI said Monday.
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  • When an FBI agent pleaded several years ago for help finding notorious skyjacker D.B. Cooper, he wondered, off-handedly, if someone's "odd uncle" might be their guy.
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  • An agitated passenger aboard an Alitalia flight from Paris to Rome on Sunday night attacked a flight attendant and demanded the plane be diverted to Libya but other attendants subdued the man, the airline said.
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  • A first-of-its-kind hijacking exercise involving the U.S., Canadian and Russian militaries went so well that a similar drill is planned for 2011, an American officer said.
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