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  • A Wendy's employee who dropped a partially smoked blunt in a customer's cheeseburger has been fired and charged with marijuana possession.
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  • Fire crews battled a blaze at a Wendy's restaurant in Clementon, New Jersey early Monday morning.
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  • Wendy's pigtails are getting a tweak.
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  • The Wendy's Co. ran full-page advertisements in eight major newspapers across the country Friday, reassuring customers that it has never used the beef filler known as "pink slime" and never will.
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  • Wendy's has dethroned Burger King as the country's second biggest hamburger chain.
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  • Wendy's Co. says its adjusted earnings fell 29.5 percent in the fourth quarter, while its revenue rose 5.6 percent,
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  • With McDonald's changing the makeup of its Happy Meals, we had a registered dietician your nutrition answer your questions for feeding the kids in the Summer.
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  • McDonald's Corp. is adding apples to all its Happy Meals and launching a nutrition-focused mobile phone app as part of a broader health push.
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