How to install a DTV antenna and converter

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1. If you use a rooftop antenna with an older model TV, you will need a DTV converter. An "older model" means a TV that is not "Digital Ready." DTV antenna
2. If you use rabbit ears with an older model TV, you will need both a DTV converter AND a DTV antenna. An "older model" means a TV that is not "Digital Ready."
3. DTV antennas come in different shapes and sizes. This is a picture of one popular model as it looks when it comes out of the box.
4. DTV antennas will actually have two antennas to receive a picture. The "rabbit ears" on this model receive the VHF signal, while the flat triangular antenna receives the UHF signal. 6abc is available on VHF channel 6. Make sure the "rabbit ears" are extended as far as they can go.
5. The digital antenna will connect to a DTV converter box, shown here being placed on top of a television.
6. To get started installing your DTV converter and antenna, unplug your television.
7. Look at the back of your TV. There should be a wire connecting your current antenna to your TV. Disconnect that wire.
8. Take the wire that came with your new DTV antenna and plug it into the "IN" receiver on the back of the converter.
9. Next, you will need a coaxial cable to plug the wire into the "TO TV" slot. If you have a rooftop antenna, and don't need a DTV antenna, simply connect your DTV converter box to your television.
10. The other end of that wire will be connected to your television set.
11. When those steps are complete, plug in your DTV converter and your television set.
12. Hit the "POWER" button the remote that came with your DTV converter.
13. Once you hit the "POWER" button on your DTV remote, a light should be seen on your converter box.
14. On most models, the DTV converter box will automatically start scanning for available channels.
15. If your converter box does not automatically scan for channels, hit "MENU" on your DTV converter remote, and select "SCAN"
16. You may need to move your antenna a few times to make sure you are receiving the most channels in the highest quality. Remember to re-scan your DTV converter every time you move your antenna to make sure it is picking up the most channels.