Univest Online Video Chat: Are you Retirement Ready?
Every retirement plan is different including yours!

The Univest chat was held on Tuesday, April 30, 4-5 pm
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William F. Van Sant III
William F. Van Sant III, CFP
"How do I plan for retirement?"

"When's the right time to get started?"

"Will my pension plan and 401(k) be enough?"

These are all great questions easily answered by Univest's financial advisors, William F. Van Sant III, CFP and Glen Reyburn, ChFC, AEP. Listen LIVE to learn how you can get on the right path to become retirement ready. And, find out more about a retirement assessment which will help evaluate your current situation and create a strategy designed to meet your retirement needs.

Glen Reyburn
Glen Reyburn, ChFC, AEP

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  • Meet: Our Financial Advisors, William F. Van Sant III, CFP and Glen Reyburn, ChFC, AEP
  • Learn: Get help every step of the way, from planning to budgeting, organizing to saving, deciding when to retire to assisting you in the transition to retirement living. Start here to set the stage for your retirement by taking Univest's retirement assessment.
  • Take Action: If you are ready to invest in yourself and begin planning your financial future, contact Univest today at 877-723-5571, or personally reach out to Bill or Glen to schedule an appointment today!
  • More About Univest: Visit or call 877-723-5571 to learn more about Univest Investments and Univest Bank's Wealth Management solutions.

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