CHAT: Philadelphia Police Commisioners Transcript


Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and his deputy commissioners answered your questions ranging on topics from crime in your neighborhoods to crime fighting plans. Click this link to see which members of the Philadelphia Police Department will be taking your questions. The transcript of the chat is below.

Chat Participants

Commissioner Charles Ramsey -
Charles H. Ramsey was appointed Police Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department on January 7, 2008, by Mayor Michael A. Nutter. He leads the fourth largest police department in the nation with over 6,500 sworn members and 830 civilian members. Commissioner Ramsey brings over forty years of knowledge, experience and service in advancing the law enforcement profession in three different major city police departments, beginning with Chicago, then Washington, DC, and now Philadelphia.
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Richard Ross Jr. -
1st Deputy Commissioner Ross is a graduate of Central High School. He has a B.A. in Labor & Industrial Relations from Penn State University. He has a Master's degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph's University. In addition, he is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy, F.B.I National Executive Institute and the Northwestern University Traffic Institute and Leadership Philadelphia.
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Nola Joyce -
Nola Joyce has over twenty-five years with the public sector, with extensive experience in the area of public safety. She joined the Philadelphia Police Department in February 2008 and currently holds the rank of Deputy Commissioner. She heads the Office of Organizational Services, Strategy and Innovations. She is working with department's executive staff to bring a business approach to strategic and tactical planning and programming based on analysis, research, and best practices.
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Kevin Bethel -
Deputy Commissioner Kevin J. Bethel is presently in charge of Patrol Operations. As part of his duties, he oversees both the patrol and detective units for the entire City of Philadelphia. Deputy Commissioner Bethel holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Chestnut Hill College, and a Master's degree in Public Safety from St. Joseph's University. He is married and the father of three daughters.
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William Blackburn -
William Blackburn was appointed to the Philadelphia Police Department on July 20, 1981 and has served in a variety of assignments rising to the rank of Deputy Commissioner in May of 2008. Under his command are many specialized investigative units, such as Homicide, Special Victims, Major Crimes, Citywide Vice, in addition to all units under the Forensic Sciences Bureau, the Narcotics Bureau, and Homeland Security and Domestic Preparedness.
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Thomas H. Wright -
Deputy Commissioner Thomas H. Wright was appointed to the Philadelphia Police Department on May 21, 1990. He began his career as a Police Officer in the 17th and 8th Districts. His other assignments included: Detective assigned to Northeast Detectives; Sergeant assigned to the 19th District; Lieutenant assigned to the 24th and 19th Districts. As a Captain, his command assignments include the Center City District and the 25th District. He is now Deputy Commissioner of Specialized Investigations and Homeland Security.
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Denise Turpin -
Denise Turpin is Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Professional Responsibility and was promoted to that position in late 2012.
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