Your thoughts on Steve Jobs

Action News viewers sent in their thoughts and memories after hearing of Steve Jobs' death:

  • Laura Wingerter, Collegeville
    I just returned home from the captain's celebration for the Gary Papa 5k Father's Day run when I learned of Steve Jobs's passing. It was again punctuated for me how critical it is to raise awareness and money to end cancer in all of its forms. It is an evil that robs us of our best, brightest and beloved. Steve, you were a visionary and as an educator I am forever grateful for your contributions to make technology accessible to the masses.

  • Steve Bullock, Blackwood, NJ
    Steve J. made it possible for me to work until I retired. From the first 512 MAC to the latest I-Pad 2, these are the only machines I worked on. They did, do and hopefully continue to the job for Graphics companies for many years to come.

  • Karol, Philadelphia
    Such an amazing genius will be missed. He was one of a kind - one of those "very special" people. May he rest in peace...

  • Selma Garrett, Philadelphia
    a brilliant man, our Einstein - i feel like i knew him personally for some reason - he left his mark - we all need to do the same.

  • Agnes Willis-Parrish, Philadelphia
    R.I.P. Steve your creativity and inspirations will be truly missed.

  • Luke, North Dennis
    Steve Jobs gave us home computers even before Micorsoft. A true genius!

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  • John DiGiovanni, Wilmington, DE.
    Steve Jobs was a true visionary. From his early days with Steve Wozniak as well as his work on NeXT. NeXT Computer was a true game changer way ahead of it's time. He pioneered the entertainment industry with Pixar, another amazing piece of art. He started totally new industries, for this he will be missed by both friend and foe alike.

  • Nina, Philadelphia
    Steve Jobs changed the world with his amazing products

  • Lisa Setz, Bordentown, NJ
    His death reminds me that even the extremely rich can't but good health. Condolences to his family and friends..(I'm typing this on a Power Book.)

  • Donna L. Kirk, Honey Brook
    Steve Jobs revolutionized the world with the IPhone, and IPad. I know I live on my iPhone constantly. He will be missed.

  • Heather Smith, Palmyra, NJ
    R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Our generation has been blessed by your innovations. Thank you for all you have done. Your work will be admired for an eternity.

  • John Pastor Jr, Philadelphia
    Losss of a great man who Revoloutionized the world which we now live in. He created our first PC on which life today would almost be impossible, the way we listen to music with no cassettes or cds just a pencil width pocket mirror sized device. It's a shame he couldn't continue to create more life changing products may he rest in Peace.

  • Chris, Willow Grove
    When I was at a conference earlier this spring, iPads were at nearly every table, a rather remarkable accomplishment for what didn't exist 12 months prior. That symbolizes the remarkable vision Jobs had--creating and/or perfecting something, making it easy to use and elegant.

  • Glen Eaton, Cherry Hill
    As I submit this via my iPhone, three words: Thank you Steve!

  • Debbie Rech, Philadelphia
    Steve Jobs, you changed my running - whether it was 3 miles or 26.2 miles - forever when I got my first ipod shuffle. Your passion and genius will be remembered forever. Thank you.

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  • Gail L, Logan Township
    I've followed Steve Jobs for many years and love Apple products. His vision has made technology much more fun, easy to use and beautiful to look at. The excitement he generated around the world was epic. Steve will be greatly missed. (Sent from my iPad!!!)

  • gk phillips, New Castle, de
    It was his dream that made my dream a reality. Without his vision I cannot be the person, teacher, and designer I am today. Very sad night. Thanks Steve. RIP

  • Chris Nolfi, Drexel Hill
    Steve changed the world. He taught us to dream and reject the notion that something is impossible. Steve is by far one of the greatest embodiments of hard work and American ingenuity. Rest easy Steve, look out for us, but most of all continue to inspire us.

  • Eileen Leary Ernst, Erdenheim
    A true visionary, what a sad loss. In college I just didn't get the PC DOS system and thought I would never work on computers! Then I used a Mac (a tiny box with a black and white screen) and a whole new world was opened to me! I'm a graphic designer today because of it ... thank you Steve Jobs, rest in peace.

  • Colby Park, Berwyn, Pa
    Today is a sad day for all apple product users, and people who know who he is. He will be missed by everyone. Even sadder it happend one day after the iPhone 4 s was announced. Rip Steve jobs

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  • Ms Jessie Collier, Philadelphia
    I am using my iPhone @ this moment and I love it! Mr.Jobs was a genius too advanced for his young years, and gone too soon. We will always remember and love you. You put Apple on the map!

  • Gail, Coopersburg
    Steve Jobs, thank you for bringing us the iPhone and iPad! That helped our son tremendously with his speech and dexterity. It would have taken him much longer with out it. May you rest in peace knowing you changed lives for the better. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and co-workers.

  • Hashim Alameri, Philadelphia
    He was the reason I have been happy with electronics and the reason why I would never use another phone, music player, computer, or tablet from any company other than apple. Thanks for everything Steve. Rest in peace!

  • Lisa, Philadelphia
    He truly changed the world, thats all there is to it. Steve Jobs will be missed by all. Rest in peace.

  • Miss Lindsie, Bordentown, New Jersey
    It's shocking when I got the news from the 6ABC news app for the iPhone. I have been trying to contact my friend Jack to see if he heard about his death. Jack always tell me about the products that Mr. Jobs talk about. I give my condolences to his family.

  • Mike, Lower Merion
    It's simple. You're either an apple guy or your not. And I'm an apple guy. Me and millions of others. Thank you Steve.

  • Larry, Sewell
    Steve Jobs is my hero and always will be. He has inspired so many of us. He will be forever missed, but not forgotten.

  • Michael Verrone,Marlton, NJ
    A true visionary - the Thomas Edison of our era. His contributions to society are significant and will always be remembered. A great life lost to cancer.

  • Joe, Philadelphia
    I never met the man, but he had changed my life in ways I could have only imagined. He has single-handedly designed the way I read email, listen to music, watch a tv show, and get any and all information I could ever need in my life.
    I mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, because I feel that we are only scratching the surface of what can be accomplished. Sure, most of it was ushered in because of him, but with what we have now, in 2011...with his vision and guidance...God only knows what could have been done.
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. The world is a little less connected today.