New members of the Philadelphia Phillies

Mike Adams, PitcherMichael Young - 3B
The Phillies starting third baseman for 2013 came to the team from the Texas Rangers, where he set club a club record for hitting streaks of 10 or more games with 27. He's married to wife Cristina with 3 sons, Mateo, Emilio and Antonio. Michael's hobbies are golf and billiards.
Mike Adams, PitcherBen Revere - Outfield
Ben Revere will be the Phillies starting center fielder for the 2013 season after being traded to the Phillies during the off season. Hhe played in 2012 for the Minnesota Twins and finished 3rd in the American League for stolen bases with 40, bunt hits with 9 and infield hits with 37.

John Lannan - Pitcher John Lannan - Pitcher
Will join the starting rotation after coming over from the Washington Nationals. He is married to Maryanne.

Humberto Jose Quintero - Catcher

Humberto Jose Quintero - Catcher
Last season with the Astros, Humberto set career highs in RBI (25), doubles (12), hits (63), and runs (22) after starting in 73 games as catcher. He has 2 daughters, Irianyelis and Heylin, and a son, Dylan, with wife Michelle.
Ender Inciarte 
 - OutfieldEnder Inciarte - Outfield
Ender will join the Phillies corps of outfielders after playing for Zulia in the Venezuelan Winter League.
Mike Adams, Pitcher Mike Adams - Pitcher -
Before joining the Phillies for the 2013 season, Mike Adams worked from the bullpen for the San Diego Padres and Texas Rangers. He's married to wife Shelly and has adaughter, Keira, and a son, Kaiden. In 2012 he finished 2nd on the Rangers staff in games pitched with 61