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Campbell's Thanksgiving Recipe of the Day

Green Bean Casserole (CoM)
Ultra Creamy Mashed Potatoes (Swanson)
Moist & Savory Stuffing (PF Stuffing, Swanson)
Roast Turkey with Mushroom Stuffing (PF Stuffing, Swanson)
Golden Green Bean Casserole (Golden Mushroom)
Herb Seasoned Sausage Stuffing (PF Stuffing, Swanson),-sweet-onion-and-celery-stuffing-26999
Creamy Golden Mushroom Mashed Potatoes (Golden Mushroom)
Heavenly Sweet Potatoes (Swanson)
Mini Green Bean Casserole (CoM)
Secret Ingredient Sweet Potato Pie (Tomato)
Roasted Orange Cranberry Sauce (Swanson)
Herbed Turkey with Pan Roasted Gravy (Swanson)
Butternut Squash Soup with Sage (Swanson)

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