18 of 26: Leon, Trevose, PA: Joe Paterno should be remembered as an iconic educator as well as, in his words, a pretty good football coach. Throughout his career at Penn State he maintained high academic and moral standards among his players. He once observed that football was only a game and that its real value was in building character by teaching good sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, and commitment. He resisted pressures to have his program become a football mill. His principle of victory with honor was never compromised. It is sad that such a highly principled and dedicated individual was dismissed so abruptly by the institution to which he had dedicated his adult life. I?m sure that his abrupt and dishonorable dismissal weighed heavily on him and significantly contributed to his death. It seems extremely hypocritical that Penn State plans to hold a memorial to honor him after the university?s Board of Trustees abruptly discarded him like yesterday?s newspaper.

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