Six Foot Snake Found in NJ Toilet

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A North Plainfield couple have their toilet back now that they removed the six-foot snake that was blocking the drain.

Peter and Debbie Bias say the red and black-spotted Brazilian rainbow boa was backing up their pipes for perhaps as long as a week until they saw it and called for help.

Police called a local pet shop owner who rescued the reptile, which prefers warm climates.

Craig Ost tells The Star-Ledger of Newark the snake, named "Freddy," was at death's doorstep.

Veterinary technician Jason Zayle is caring it. He says she's not a bad snake.

What's not clear is how "Freddy" got into the toilet. The homeowners think the snake slithered into the sewer system. But the vet tech tells the newspaper the reptile was probably abandoned and made its way into the home.

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