Cuevas' Family Shocked Over Murder

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Juan Cuevas' family gathered at his mother's house in North Philadelphia Saturday. They called him June. They can hardly believe he's gone.

Elizabeth worked with her brother at his auto parts store at Diamond and Germantown Avenue.

Friday night June was bludgeoned to death in his home in Washington Township, New Jersey.

Police say four men went to the home in a white van around 1pm Friday afternoon. They tied up his three children.

When June returned home around five, they demanded money. They took him to an upstairs bedroom and beat him to death.

Only Action News was there early Saturday morning as detectives showed up at June's store in Philadelphia.

Right now, they believe robbery was the motive.

June worked two jobs to save enough money to buy this shop 10 years ago. He was making a good living. Ironically, his family believes his success made him a target.

June's family says he was a father figure to all of their children.

His own father was murdered while visiting Puerto Rico five years ago, a crime that remains unsolved.

June's sister is hoping her brother will get the justice her father didn't.

The police have the names of a couple of possible suspects, but haven't made any arrests yet.

A Gloucester County man is beaten to death in what authorities are calling a home invasion robbery.

Juan Cuevas was met by four assailants who were waiting inside his Washington Township residence when he returned home late this afternoon from a business he operates in Philadelphia.

Authorities say the suspects came to the home in a white van around 1:00 p-m and confronted a 17-year-old male family member in the driveway. The men then took him into the house and bound his hands.

Two other children, a 19-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, were also accosted by the men and tied up when they arrived home from school.

When Cuevas arrived, the assailants took him to an upstairs bedroom and beat him with what authorities described only as a blunt object. They fled before 6:00 p-m, and the children later freed themselves and called police.

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