Friends tried to talk teens out of suicide plan

Monday, March 01, 2010
Vanessa Dorwart and Gina Gentile

Grieving families and friends remembered Gina Gentile and Vanessa Dorwart during a vigil at the Norwood Train Station.

"It's hard to think about someone that young just being gone," friend Kathy Rossiter said at the vigil.

A tearful Nicole Conaway spoke fondly of her two classmates.

"They did the nicest things for you. They were sweetest people I ever met, they were two of my really good friends," Conaway said.

On Saturday, the Delaware County medical examiner confirmed the two girls meant to do it

It was on Friday night, startling new revelations revealed that the incident that took the two sophomores' lives, as had been suspected, had been planned all along.

19-year-old Paige Lynne Sullivan and 16-year-old Ryan Vance were friends of the victim and the third girl who witnessed the incident.

They say Wednesday night, they received calls and text messages from Gina and the girl who survived.

"[Gina] called me and Ryan and said that she wanted to kill herself so me and Ryan went up to the train station and we talked Gina and Kelly out of doing it," Paige said.

The two thought they were successful in talking the girls out of taking their lives, however, that was not the case.

"That night, Gina texted me and she said,'If you have anything to say to me and Kelly, say it now, because we ain't going to be here tomorrow,' so the next day in school, I went in late, and I seen Gina and she was so upset, I'd never seen her this way," Paige said.

Again, Paige says, she tried to calm her friends down and asked if they would all come over to her house to talk things over, but they were having no part of it.

At 9:30 a.m., Ryan got a final text message from one of the girls, it read: "Bye loveu."

The teens now regret they didn't tell an adult.

Paige's mother talked them into coming forward because there's word another group has been talking about doing the same thing.

"There's another pact that are talking about wanting to kill themselves, too, and I would never forgive myself if this didn't come out. Parents please be aware of your children," Karen Sullivan said. Earlier in the day, two aunts of Gina Gentile spoke about their lost loved one.

"I told her I love her. She went into the school like any other day," Donna Giordano said.

"She was like a little mother, she would get everybody, get everybody going in the morning, making lunches," Gina's other aunt Stephanie McVeigh said.

The aunts say Gina had been upset about the accidental death of her boy friend earlier this year.

"A month ago he was killed down the end of her street and I think seeing the memorial everyday really got to her; I think she had a broken heart," Donna said.

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