Dog Honored for Saving Owners During Snowstorm

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A 160-pound dog who rescued her elderly owners during the October snowstorm in western New York has won an award for her heroics.

Eve and Norman Fertig had left their rural home to tend to some injured birds at the wildlife sanctuary they run.

When they returned, they found a massive tree had fallen in their yard, blocking the entrance to their house.

The couple, both 81, struggled for hours in the falling snow to clear a path to the door. Meanwhile, Shana, a German shepherd-timberwolf mix, was digging a tunnel under the fallen tree.

With his wife lying on top of the dog, Norman Fertig pushed them through the opening and they made it into the house.

Yesterday, the seven-year-old dog was given the Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment's Hero's Award for bravery.

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