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Deal Find consumers want their money back

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Those daily deals emailed to your inbox claim to offer huge savings. But what happens if you don't receive what was promised?

A list of Action News viewers say that's the problem they have.

A number of consumers contacted Action News after buying a computer tablet from a daily deal website called Deal Find.

They bought into the deal back in December, but some are still waiting to get the product. And those who have received it say it's a piece of junk, not even worth the supposedly low, low price they paid for it.

"I've been saving my pennies for one of them," said David Szuttor.

"We thought it was an upgrade," said Peggy Yerger.

"I figured that this is a great gift, and I ordered four of them," said David Briggs. "It looked like a really big sale. I'm thinking $399; I'm thinking this is a great deal for $89."

"I ordered it right away like right away I was like this is a great deal," said John Hoffner.

The daily deal seemed so great back on December 26th. More than 2,000 people bought it.

They paid $85 for a 7-inch Google Android Tablet supposedly worth nearly $400.

"It's been two months now, and I still haven't seen anything," said David Szuttor.

Like David Szuttor, other consumers say they were dealt a raw deal, too and still no tablet.

"I called Deal Find and said I think this is a scam," said Roselee Maddaloni.

So Action News called the company. Nydia Han talked directly to DealFind's president, Gary Lipovetsky.

He tells Action News the tablets are being shipped directly by a third party vendor, Fabuless, and because of the high volume of orders and the holiday rush, Fabuless has been backed up.

He also says some customers failed to take the final step in the purchasing process, which is to redeem their vouchers.

Fabuless tells Action News it does have 800 tablets left to ship, but all orders should be fulfilled by the end of next week.

The problem is the two customers we talked to who got the tablet say, you may not like what you get.

"Well, the quality of the unit is not a $400 unit," said David Briggs. "When you download the books they're in Chinese. The menu button on the bottom is all Chinese."

Action News took the tablets to computer expert Yukio Tezuka. He says their quality leaves much to be desired.

"The expectations for a tablet you buy today, is way better than this," says Yukio Tezuka.

Yukio points out that the screen on the tablets is plastic instead of glass and doesn't respond well to touch.

And even he can't change the tablets Chinese e-reader settings.

Fabuless claims the settings can be changed, and also says the tablet is customized with top of the line technology.

But the consumers want their money back. They claim the deal is a dud.

The president of Deal Find also promises that any customers who want a full refund will get it.

And in fact, we've sent him a list of our viewers who want their money back and Gary Lipovetsky has put his customer service manager on the case to expedite their refunds.

And while Lipovetsky says he stands by the daily deal offer, he also promises some new policies at Deal Find to prevent problems.

New Deal Find Policies:
" Will now set volume caps on sales
" Will limit the number of merchants it works with who supply products

And here's some advice:
" Do some homework yourself.
" Before you place an order, find out the product manufacturer and model name or number.
" Then do an internet search for reviews and price comparisons. A price on a daily deal site may not be the lowest price out there.

We'll follow up to make sure our consumers get their money back as promised.

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