EXCLUSIVE: Road rage suspect speaks out

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Friday April 9th, 31-year-old Elizabeth Cox was shot while driving on Route 422 near Oaks in Montgomery County. The allegation is the gun was fired by 50-year-old John Yannarell of Gilbertsville.

On the advice of his attorney, Yannarell wouldn't talk about the incident on Friday but did talk to Action News exclusively about how this is affecting his life.

Yanarell says he's having a hard time listening to media reports depicting him as some kind of monster.

"But anybody that spoke that knows me said that they would not expect this of me that I'm a really nice guy and everything like that that's what all my friends and neighbors that know me said."

The 50-year-old road rage suspect says last week's incident, his ensuing arrest, and media coverage that went nationwide have sent his life into a tailspin.

In fact, he's not even sure if he's still employed as a network engineer at SCA Americas in Center City.

"I'm waiting to hear back from my job to see if I still have a job. Being in jail over the weekend that was a real lesson in life. I don't belong in there, I'm not a nasty person, I'm not a bad person."

On Monday, Yanarell paid the $50,000 needed to post bail. But he adds that while covering his bail and spending time behind bars was painful nothing hurts more than the effect this whole thing is having on his family, especially his daughter, who is his only child.

But Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman says she's not all together interested in what Mr. Yannarell did before the incident.

"The investigation is not about a person's character whether someone committed a crime at a particular date at a particular time is not just a reflection of their character, did they do the act at that time."

Yanarell knows his legal issues are just getting started but he's still hopeful he can eventually pull his life back together.

"Hopefully we'll go forward from here, hopefully things look up."

Action News did reach out to Cox who declined to talk. She has been treated and released from the hospital for a gunshot wound to the elbow and knee.

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