Beauty secrets behind 'Dancing'

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

While we wait to see who the Season 10 champion becomes, we go into the makeup room before they look ballroom beautiful!

"We put each female through the works for 3 to 4 hours a day," said Melanie Mills, the head makeup artist for 'Dancing with the Stars'. "We also do their nails. It's the full deal America! It takes a village to make you look this fabulous."

Our own Karen Rogers couldn't resist a little expert advice. Melanie touched her up using a crème bronzer.

"It gives that extra glow you want," she said.

She described to Karen to blend the bronzer up towards her eye and at the top of her cheekbone for a nice glow.

The first thing that happens in the makeup room is the dancers and stars are covered head to toe with a spray tan in a color specially designed for them. A good makeup artist even sprays on those washboard abs and toned arms.

If you want a taste of dancing glamour, Melanie offers these tips:
*Don't forget the body, use some spray tan to enhance your look.
*Try fake lashes, the stars use three or 4 at a time!
*Layer crème and powder on your eyes and cheeks

"That will give you the vibrancy pigment, long lasting, all the things that we do. Use crème blush then blush on top everything is layered doubled."

The back stage tour continued in the wardrobe room. Costume Designer Randall Christensen gave Karen a personal tour including an up-close and surprising look at some of the dresses. How the mesh and material are made to look like flesh! The detailing is so intricate it's hard to believe they only have a few days to make each costume.

"We're working right up until the very end. Sometime we're even on the top of the stairwell behind the curtain with a flashlight in our mouth beaded and stitching the dress and pushing them down the stairwell and finishing in the commercial break," explained Randall. "If it's not working or too revealing or revealing parts that weren't supposed to it goes upstairs. While they're loading the audience in we're repairing the costume so it's ready for show time."

Randall goes on to say, "we don't get a chance to try it on a second time. It's altered, then put on their body and say a little prayer and go."

The women also wear push up bras that are sometimes double padded and you'll never guess where they hide the microphone wires and battery pack.

"You'll have the push up bra on one side but the other side is for the microphone pack. They wear the mic pack in the bra, nowhere else to put it and its abrasive, it's not very comfortable but it's got to go somewhere," said Randall.

The costumes are sold through a company in Phoenix. In fact Kristi Yamaguchi personally bought all of her own costumes.

A team of a dozen seamstresses work through the night but they've come back every season because they love it.

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