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6abc loves the arts: Permanent Phixtures

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Philadelphia is known for its die-hard sports fans. But a Delaware County man has added an artistic dimension to his devotion.

Artist Seth Mushrush is a lifelong Phillies fan. Inspired by the team's 2008 World Series Win, he's now paying homage to his hometown heroes on canvas.

Every day but Sunday, you'll find Seth Mushrush at Baker Street Tattoo in Media painting sophisticated scenes on skin.

The body is not his only canvas, and tattooing is not his only love.

"I'm 31 years old, been a Phillies fan my entire life," says artist, Seth Mushrush.

He's now showing his love for the team with an exhibit called Permanent Phixtures that celebrates the Phillies 2008 World Series win, with portraits of players, the coach and key moments in the history of the team.

"I really wanted to paint something that would draw people from, you know Mets fans. I want Mets fans to come here and go, you know what I don't like the Phillies but those paintings are nice. And they, you know it's a good representation of baseball or the team or the city," added Mushrush.

Permanent Phixtures is on display at Jinxed Gallery at the Piazza at Schmidt's until August 9th. Mushrush is hoping the images excite others as much as the Phillies excite him.

"I hope they feel like they can smell the cut grass and like they can hear the crack of the bat. Just by looking at the picture, they get the feel of the sun beating down on them and you know, I want to recreate the feeling of being there," Mushrush stated.

Seth is planning to paint the Flyers next. For more on Seth Mushrush and his work, go to http://mushrushart.com.

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