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Financial crisis takes center stage in Center City

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The global financial crisis is occupying center stage at InterActive theatre in Center City.

It's a play called Microcrisis and it makes a comedy of catastrophe with a scathing, satirical look at the financial fallout and how it happened.

Microcrisis follows a slick banker as he recruits a gaggle of innocent do-gooders and turns the Nobel-prize winning concept of microloans into a get-rich global money lending scheme.

"It's told in a very funny way that both educates you about how the financial crisis happens, how micro credit works but also how the people at the top who are figuring these schemes out can get away scot free while the rest of the world suffers because of the financial crisis," said Seth Rozin, Producing Artistic Director, InterAct Theatre.

InterAct Theatre was founded in 1988 with the mission of making audiences think.

The troupe tackles new and contemporary plays that explore hot social, political and cultural issues.

"We sort of see ourselves as a public square where we use plays to stimulate a dialogue and raise awareness about all kinds of stories and ideas and people in the world that are interesting," said Rozin.

Microcrisis was written and programmed long before the Occupy movement, in the wake of the foreclosures, bank failures and recession that rocked the globe.

Rozin added, "It is absurd. It's whacky. It's zany. It's really smart. You're going to have a really fun, wild ride while you learn a little about something and how it happened."

Microcrisis opens January 20th and runs through February 12th on the main stage of The Adrienne Theatre. For scheduling and tickets, visit InterAct Theatre Company.

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