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Philly's Phunniest at the Helium Comedy Club

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

They say great comedians aren't born; they are made and it's a process you can watch for yourself at Helium Comedy Club in Center City.

Helium Comedy Club hosts some of the biggest names in comedy with headline shows 4 nights a week. But, for those who've always fancied themselves funny but can't quite call themselves a comedian, there's also a weekly open mic night and a competition for the title of Philly's Phunniest.

Every Tuesday night, you'll find 20 amateur comedians working on their shtick and trying to get a laugh from a live audience.

Owner of Helium Comedy Club Marc Grossman said, "It could be their first time on stage. It could be their 100th time on stage. For the new guys, they just need to get their chops going and see if they can actually do it. For some of the more seasoned guys, it's a chance for them to try out new material."

It all leads up to a contest staged every Sunday evening from the end of May through the summer &winnowing down a field of 150 comics to the one who's officially crowned Philly's Phunniest, a title that comes with a one thousand dollar cash prize.

"We bring in a lot of judges, people that are in the media or people from Comedy Central and it's actually, I don't want to say resume builder, but it's something that they can say so when they want to travel to other clubs around the country, they, club owners want to know what credits you have. That's a big deal," said Grossman.

The club also holds monthly classes on the art of comedy&..teaching how to effectively write and deliver a great joke.

If you'd like to test your comedic skills or just enjoy the show, go to Helium Comedy for details and scheduling.

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