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Monday, March 08, 2010
 The Anthony Renzulli Band

Our featured Tuned In band this week is The Anthony Renzulli Band. They are an Alternative Rock band from South Jersey who has made a name for themselves in the entire Philadelphia area with their energetic shows, and collaborations with other local artists.

We caught up with them during a special recording session at The Blinkin Lincoln.

The following is their biography.

Hailing from Southern New Jersey, Anthony Renzulli is a singer/songwriter, drummer and producer. The AR Band has a fresh acoustic/alternative/rock sound that they can truly call their own. Anthony has been writing and performing since he was a young teen in many original bands. The AR Band has been together since 2004 and has created quite a buzz in the New Jersey and Philadelphia scene...

Anthony's first instrument of choice was the guitar but it was the sound of the drum that grabbed his attention a little stronger. After teaching himself the basics of playing the drums, he began playing along to his father's old record collection. Anthony adds, "I didn't have a band or a teacher so I taught myself by playing along with Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream, and Buddy Rich albums that belonged to my father. It took me a while to master the material on those albums but I'd say it was worth it because now there is nothing I can't hear when it comes to the drums." In 1998 and still in high school, Anthony took first place in the all South Jersey Jazz Competition and became one of the youngest in IAJE Region III history to achieve at that level. So, an award winning jazz drummer and a few hardcore/metal bands later, Anthony decided he needed to take a totally different direction with his music. AR fills us in..."I always wrote my own songs. I just never showed anyone them. It's not that I was ashamed of them; I just didn't feel it was right for that time. I had a lot of learning to do with teaching myself the guitar and how to sing and play at the same time...lol. I still think I have a lot to learn but also a lot to offer."

In 2002, Anthony started performing solo in numerous clubs and venues all over. Anthony performed in NYC, Philadelphia, Trenton and Delaware in just the first year. While he was not performing he practically lived in any recording studio he can get his hands on. Anthony produces all of his songs and was the drummer on the albums "For Lack Of A Better Day (ep)" & "What's It Gonna Take". Anthony comments on his studio experiences (past and present), "All the engineers I've worked with in the past have been amazing. I like to keep it simple with a lot of feel, especially when I'm drumming. When you let your insides control the flow and dynamics of your music, you can turn a simple groove into audio magic...lol. I just want to make the best music I possibly can, that's it. Hopefully our sound will continue to grow."

On September 7, 2004, the AR Band performed their first show (as a full band) at Grape Street Philadelphia. They quickly jumped in the studio and has been at it full force ever since. The AR Band has released two ep's and one full length (independent) records, made a music video, has features in various magazines, plays countless live shows. In 2007, the AR Band headlined a show outside the Wachovia Arena in Philadelphia. In the same year they also performed at The Trocadero Theatre and two shows at the TLA. AR Band has been receiving positive feedback from fans all over the world, currently having 107,000+ fans on MySpace (without the help of a record label). In December 2008, "Pass Me By" was featured on 93.3 WMMR's Jaxon's Local Shots Vol. 5 CD.

Well into 2009, the Anthony Renzulli Band is keeping as busy as ever. The band made their first cameo appearance in the hit web series "Rock Hero". You can also catch AR Band playing live shows to promote their latest albums "What's It Gonna Take" and their current release "A Long Road Through Winter (ep)" in a town near you. Towards the end of 2009, the AR Band will be gearing up to release their second full length record titled, "Hooray For Vision." The current lineup consists of Anthony Renzulli (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Session Drummer and Producer), Doug Frontino (Electric Guitar & Background Vocals), Brent Zimniuch (Bass) and Justin Mayer (Live Drums). Anthony comments, "It's a traditional Rock record. It has a little Classic Rock vibe to it. It's hard to explain. The music is like a Classic Rock record that would work in 2010. We just tried to keep it as fresh and as natural as possible. I hope it comes off that way&lol. The title of the record came from my experience with the type of people that do not believe in your goals. The people that think what you do is just a phase when it means much more than that to you. In time they see you work hard and achieve those goals. It's like proof that you were for real with your vision from the start. For short its like being proud of what you do and not changing for no one. The whole record doesn't dwell on that though. There is a song called "Miss Destiny" that is about an interesting tale I had with a stripper years back. Another is "In The City". That is my current favorite. We're doing it live now and I'm real into it. I escape to Philadelphia a lot. Especially when I'm in pain, ya know. Sometimes I'll stay in a hotel over night just to get away. It helps me. It's about my personal love for Philly. Fun things, rock n roll things, ya know. It still has a couple slow dark tracks but for the most part it's an in your face driving rock album and I can't wait to lay it down".

The album "Hooray For Vision" is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2010.

Please enjoy the performance video from their show at The Blinkin Lincoln.

You are now Tuned In to The Anthony Renzulli Band.

On the web- www.anthonyrenzulli.com

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