Boy survives metal rod lodged in skull

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Earlier this year, 17-month old Jessiah Jackson fell off a chair and hit his head on a pressure washer. Somehow, a metal rod from the machine pierced His skull and became lodged several inches into his brain.

Jessiah's uncle Carlton Reed, was with him at the time of the accident. Reed had some EMT training and knew not to panic and to keep the child's head still. A neighbor who's also a member of a volunteer rescue squad cut the pressure washer away from the rod.

Crews first took Jessiah to a hospital in his native Wilmington, but then he was transferred to the UNC trauma center in Durham. That's where 34-year old neurosurgeon Dr. Anand Germanwala told the family that he didn't know if he could save Jessiah. He said the rod was lodged right next to the biggest vein in the boy's head making its removal complicated and dangerous.

The boy's grandfather, Joseph Jones, says his family prayed hard.

With the doctor's skill and prayers from family, Jessiah now shows no signs of long term damage.

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