New device brings hope for snoring, sleep apnea

Monday, April 23, 2012

If you snore or have sleep apnea, there is a new device now available in our area that could help

It is much smaller than the standard CPAP machine, however, it doesn't work as well

It's called Provent. It has 2 adhesive patches that go over the nose with small valves.

When a person breathes in, the valves slow the air from going out.

The added pressure keeps the airway open during sleep.

Still Dr. Joanne Getsy of the Drexel sleep Center says it only works for mild sleep apnea or snoring.

"It does work for snoring. It does reduce the intensity of the snoring. It may not make snoring go away completely. but it certainly can make it less loud, and less frequent," she told Action News.

Its small size and portability make it appealing for travel.

However, Dr. Getsy says one drawback to Provent is the price. It is $2 to $4 per night for the one-use device, and that is not generally not covered by insurance.

But it's small size and portability make it appealing for travel.

Dr. Getsy says her patients have had mixed results.

"I've had a few patients on it, and they seem to do well. i've also had a few patients who tried it and couldn't get used to something on their nose, and it really irritated them."

Several sleep specialists in the area also reported having a few patients try Provent.

Before you try it, Dr. Getsy says you should talk to your doctor, and you must have a sleep study first.

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