Sleep poses give personality clues

Friday, February 01, 2013

You you may be able to tell something about a person's personality from how they sleep.

So says one sleep expert.

Professor Chris Idzikowski told Men's Health magazine he believes those who sleep curled up on their side are tough on the outside but shy & sensitive inside.

Idzikowski says he reached his conclusions after analyzing 6 common sleep positions in a survey of 1000 people.

And he says those common sleeping positions also have their own health risks and benefits.

For example, being curled up in the fetal position on your left side can put stress on some vital organs, such as the stomach, lungs, and liver. So if that's your favorite way to sleep, try to do it on the right side.

He says sleeping on your side with your arms out indicates you are open to new things, yet skeptical, too.

And laying straight, with your arms at your sides - what he calls "the Log" - could be good for someone with back pain.

And if you sleep on your back with arms up, you could be reserved, and set high expectations for yourself.

Read more on Idzikowski's analysis at>a href=""> Men's Health.

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