3 Arrests in Horrific Case of Child Porn

Thursday, January 25, 2007

It is described by federal authorities as one of the most horrific cases of child pornography that they have ever seen. At the center of it all is John Worman of Colwyn, Delaware County and two alleged co-conspirators.

Worman's family tells Action News that he was actually living elsewhere at the time of his arrest a year ago. Back then, he was picked up for allegedly sexually abusing two minors.

Federal investigators said what they have found since that arrest is very disturbing.

"This may be the most horrific case that I have ever been involved with," said U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan.

39-year-old John Worman of Colwyn, Delaware County was indicted on 51 counts of producing and possessing child pornography.

Investigators say they found more than one million pornographic images of kids on Worman's computer along with hundreds of videos of Worman sexually assaulting kids of all ages.

Some of them are just infants. The youngest was just three-months-old.

"Worman installed a video camera in his bathroom wall and videotaped at least four children. Worman sexually abused at least eight other children, including five that he forced to engage in various sex acts while videotaping them," said Meehan.

Investigators said Worman had help from two women. Concetta Jackson and Dorothy Prawdzik were indicted on charges of aiding and abetting. 43-year-old Prawdzik allegedly helped Worman make the videos.

Worman's family said he lived at a Collingdale address with his other accused co-conspirator, 44-year-old Jackson.

Investigators said she helped Worman videotape the children in various states of undress and while he performed illicit sex acts with them.

Neighbors knew something was not right.

"The noises the girls would make over there -- screams and 'no don't!' and 'stop!' and stuff like that and the crying. A lot of crying going on over there at 2 or 3 in the morning," said neighbor Ken Christian.

As far back as August 2003, neighbors began keeping a log of all the goings on next door - the screams, the crying and the threats.

"You could pretty much pick up on the way the kids would act. I mean, they were scared to death of the guy," said another neighbor, Nancy Schwarzman.

"These defendants allegedly manipulated and abused children, even infants, to satisfy unimaginable perversions," said Meehan. "They did it again, and again, and again."

Investigators said the abuse went on for years. Out of the millions of photos and videos that they have found, they have identified three victims.

Worman remains behind bars. Prawdzik and Jackson were released on bail.

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