Phila. fans weighin on NFL labor talks

Saturday, March 12, 2011
, Shirleen Allicot
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Local fans react to the prospect of no football season in the fall.

"I would be very disappointed if there was no football."

Catching up with fans headed to the 76ers vs. the Celtics game, clearly basketball wasn't the only thing on their minds.

After 16 days of mediated talks, the union chose to decertify, putting the league on a path to its first work stoppage since 1987.

"I side with the owners, they're the ones laying out all the money," said one football fan.

People were quick to take sides in the showdown between the NFL and the Players Union. The drama is over a $9 billion chunk of the league's annual revenue.

"Usually I'm on the owners' side, but if they're not willing to open their books, I don't know how they have a leg to stand on," said another fan.

Can the NFL survive no football for an entire season? The fans are hoping it doesn't go that far.

"There's over a billion dollars on the table, they're going to get it done, I say within two months," said Ryan Myers.

"I think they need to get their heads together so we can see football in September," said Terry Key.

"I couldn't imagine a season without football. America without football is just crazy," said Kenny Oloya. "It's like what am I going to do for the winter?"

While many of the fans confirm the notion that the king of all American sports can weather any labor dispute, others say all of this drama about money between the rich and the richer, is wearing their patience thin.

"I have a 106 inch TV. I think it's better to watch it on that than pay the price to come here anyway," said Ryan Myers. "They keep screwing people over, eventually we're going to stop coming.

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