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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Police say it was surveillance footage that led to the capture of 20-year-old Quincy Kramer.

The footage shows a man methodically puncturing tires on nine cars parked near Rowland and Cottman last week. Police say he has since confessed.

Understandably, the footage has sparked the public's interests in what's out there in terms of surveillance systems.

Steve Black, the owner of the Spy Shop in Ardmore, says lately he's been selling a car DVR system that looks like a GPS unit. However, it's a recording device with two high-def cameras built in.

"So one would stick this to their windshield, one camera would be looking forward through the windshield; the other camera would be looking towards the rear of the vehicle," Black said.

The device is powered through the cigarette lighter receptacle and is designed to record 24-7 if need be.

"If somebody approaches the vehicle either from the front or the rear, this camera will record them in high-def as the incident occurs," Black said.

The system costs less than $250.

Then, there are also outdoor cameras that residents can point at their vehicles like one that can capture an image in complete darkness up to 120 feet.

"It actually sees clearer in the dark than it does in the daylight," Black said.

Police passing out flyers in the Lawncrest neighborhood say it's this type of surveillance technology that could lead them to a culprit.

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