Police: Woman steals $900 puppy from pet store

Friday, March 30, 2012

Police say a woman was caught on surveillance video stealing a $900 puppy from a pet store in Conshohocken.

It happened Thursday at Playful Pets, a store in Plymouth Township.

On the video, the woman is seen stuffing a black Miniature Dachshund named "Pipsqueak" into her purse and casually walking out. The dog sells for about $900.

Before the theft, the video also shows the woman and a young girl, eying the pricey pooch and others in the store.

"As the mother is putting it into her bag, the daughter looks at her&she watches her mother steal the dog," said Bethann Neuschwander, an employee at the pet store.

We've covered the face of the second woman in the video, who is also seen with a young child.

The storeowners are convinced she is an accomplice but police are not ready to go there.

Sources tell Action News they have two persons of interest.

Suspect one is caught red-handed and the little girl seen with her is hanging with the wrong crowd, to say the least.

"It's appalling! They're old enough to see what the mother is doing. She's teaching them it's ok to take whatever you want," said Neuschwander.

Many shoppers were equally appalled.

"She should go to jail. It seems set up. The child picks out the dog then they take the dog and leave out. She should be taught a lesson," said Dawn Ferguson.

"If you try to teach your child not to steal, what kind of morals are you instilling in them by stealing a dog right in front of their face" said Lee Valigorsky.

Playful Pets has recently doubled the number of surveillance cameras on site at their store, the result of an increasing number of valuable puppy thefts.

Thursday's theft was the third one in the last year.

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