VA Medical Center holds Golf Clinic for amuputees

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 4th Annual Amputee Veterans Golf Clinic was a big success in Marlton, New Jersey Wednesday.

It is sponsored by the Philadelphia VA Medical Center at the Indian Spring Country Club, in Marlton, and dozens of Veterans tested their skills on the driving range.

The VA's first Amputee Golf Clinic was held in 2008 and has grown to include two annual events, the Next Step event in September and the First Swing Clinic held Wednesday.

Miles Kamson lost his leg in a motorcycle accident after returning from his deployment overseas.

"It was my first time ever thinking about touching a golf club," said Miles. "I'm kind of good at following instructions."

Wednesday was Quincy Mobley's first time ever playing golf. His leg was amputated in February after he formed severe blood clots. He gets his prosthesis on Thursday.

Quincy says it a little tough trying to swing sitting down.

"It's a big challenge, you really have to concentrate" said Quincy. "The key for me is to keep my eye on the ball."

"These men amaze me. I just told him, 'think about how well you're going to hit the ball with a prosthetic leg," said PGA instructor Dan Hoban.

Arbie Hickson lost both of his legs in Vietnam after developing Type 2 diabetes from exposure to Agent Orange.

"A lot of Vets who have been exposed to Agent Orange results in amputation," said Lou Namm, Head Golf Pro and amputee.

John Lancaster was also in Vietnam.

"I was in an AMO, and there was an explosion, and it tore off my right hand," said Lancaster.

"Their enthusiasm is second to none," said PGA instructor John Carpinetta. "They are our nations finest, and they deserve the best."

The clinic is free, and the idea is to provide an opportunity for growth, physically, mentally and socially.

Miles brought his girlfriend to the range, and she is determined to outdo his swing.

"We could be just sitting at home wallowing, but we're out here having fun," said Miles.

Philadelphia's VA Medical Center provides health care to nearly 60,000 Veterans in Philadelphia and six surrounding counties.

The Next Step Golf Clinic for amputee Veterans is coming up in September.

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