Police: Rise in Temple, Drexel robberies

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Philadelphia police say there have been eight gunpoint or strong armed robberies around the Temple University campus over the past two weeks.

Many of the muggings have occurred late at night when parties and bars let out.

"No I don't feel [safe,] as much police we have on and around campus, I really don't think it's enough," Temple student Zach Turner said.

"If you go a couple blocks in either direction, you start to get that feeling that it's less safe; you see less police presence, less security presence," Temple student Theo Musitief said.

Drexel University has also seen an uptick in robberies in recent weeks, mainly north and west of campus.

Students are on alert.

"Just staying in groups and staying with each other and know the area you're going in if you're going to be going off of the campus," Temple student Russ Carson said.

Both Temple and Drexel have made safety a priority over the years installing additional lighting, and providing timely information about crimes.

Drexel University sent out a Public Safety Advisory several days ago warning students about the robberies and informing them university and Philadelphia police have increased patrols in the area both in uniform and undercover.

"Last night I was walking around, there was definitely Public Safety on every corner, I think they take good precautions to these things," Drexel student Josh Brede said.

Police say none of the students were injured in any of the robberies.

Part of the advisory sent out by Drexel urged students to use walking escort services, pay attention to surroundings, walk in groups, avoid displaying valuables, and avoid using phones and music players.

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