Rapper Meek Mill's dirt bike video a concern for police

Saturday, May 26, 2012

One of the local performers invited to Jay-Z's Labor Day concert on the Parkway has made a video showcasing dangerous dirt bike riding on the streets of Philadelphia, something the police considers illegal.

Rapper "Meek Mill" is seen leading a crew of dirt bike stunt riders, and it comes just as Philadelphia Police launch a renewed crackdown on dirt bikes and ATV's.

Popping wheelies and riding at high speeds through the streets of Philadelphia is what police don't want to see in the city.

But Philadelphia's own rap star, Robert Williams, also known as Meek Mill, made a video showing bikers doing just that.

"It's very dangerous," said Gwennette Glenn. "I mean like I said you have to worry about people crossing the street, going places, and people out here trying to play."

Philadelphia Police say dirt bike and ATV riding in neighborhoods is a nuisance and has become increasing dangerous.

Dirt bike riders were out in large numbers in Hunting Park Friday night, and the noise level was just what police are warning against.

The city is cracking down on the fast and illegal act by confiscating as many bikes and ATVs as possible. And the police are asking for the public's help to find out where they are stored.

"Another thing the commissioner wants to do is once we confiscate these ATVs, these illegal dirt bikes, if we can find the proper owner, if they were stolen we will give them back, but if not we want them destroyed," said Lt. Ray Evers.

But police are facing a tougher task because of videos like the one showing Meek Mill doing tricks in a pack on the streets of Philadelphia. Police say he is very popular with the kids.

Meek Mill was just announced as a performer in JayZ's Labor Day weekend concert.

Mayor Michael Nutter's office released a statement Friday, saying "the Mayor does not condone illegal activities or actions that endanger the public. The glorification of illegal activities through music videos is an issue that consumers need to consider as they make market choices."

"They're glorifying it, but obviously these guys are good riders you can see that. But then again, you may have a kid 14 or 15 who may try to do the same thing, and he's going to get hurt. He's going to get killed," said Lt. Evers.

The Police Department is asking Philadelphians to help identify where ATV's and dirt bikes are stored as well as providing information to the department when they see an illegal vehicle in use.

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