NJ photographer captures 33" gator

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

There was an unusual sighting in Collingswood, New Jersey. An Alligator decided to take a swim in Cooper River.

At the Cooper River Park in Collingswood, New Jersey, shark fin sculptures are as close to dangerous as marine life usually gets.

But last Thursday night, a nature loving photographer came face to face with danger of another kind; the living kind.

"It was an alligator on Cooper River, that's what it was," said Glenn Hudson.

Glenn Hudson is a nature photographer, so when he found out from friends on Facebook that an alligator was swimming in the Cooper River, he was just about running.

"I was like, I have to go see it," Glenn said. "I found it within 15 minutes of arriving here, which was within a half hour of the post."

While it may seem a little bit odd, what Glenn decided to do next may seem even stranger. He didn't want to simply catch the moment on camera; he wanted to capture the actual alligator.

"I need to catch it before it went somewhere else," said Glenn.

So with fishing pole in hand at 10:00pm at night, Glenn cast a few hooks.

As you might guess, the gator, all 33 inches of it, put up a bit of a fight. But Glenn had seen this sort of thing on television, and with all the confidence of a professional wrangler, "I brought it over here, reached down and just grabbed it," said Glenn.

The prevailing wisdom is that the gator was likely someone's pet, dumped in the river once that person realized that, well, gators don't make good pets.

Experts say it probably wouldn't have survived very long, certainly not through the winter, so in a way Glenn, the photographer, did more than preserve a moment in time.

By delivering the gator to a sanctuary in Cacocten, Maryland, Glenn gave it more time and a chance to thrive in a more suitable setting.

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