NJ condo residents concerned over new play area rules

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Residents and their children in West Deptford, New Jersey are upset with a new set of rules by the management of a townhouse development which changes the game of what the kids can do and where

What is wrong with this picture? Kids riding their bikes, scooters, skateboards, bouncing a basketball; all activity that kids do. But soon this will be a problem in one West Deptford townhouse community.

New rules imposed by management at the Red Bank Run Townhomes in West Deptford, New Jersey will cut out these types of child play. The reason: The activity could be harmful and even dangerous to themselves or to others.

"It's not fair for all the kids, because we need to play, we need air, it's not fair because everybody has stuff to ride," said 6 year old Laurence Howard.

"Being inside just playing video games, it's not good for your body," said Jeziah Lopez.

"It's not good for our freedom," said Antonio Leon.

The parents don't like the new rules either.

"That should be in our lease and the terms and conditions upon moving here," said Brittany Hickman. "Nobody would move here knowing that that's the rule with small children. Why would you do that?"

About the only thing that management will allow the kids to do is play ball in a small playground in the rear of the townhome community. But most parents say they would not even allow their kids back here.

"There's always older kids back there doing-up to no good, smoking, stuff like that I don't want my young children to be around," said Alexandra Christenson.

"After 9-11, I joined the Marine Corp, I'm very patriotic. I wanted to fight for the freedom for my country," said Edward Christenson. "I just feel that my service went in vain when my children can't even go in front of my own house and ride a scooter or a bike or play with a basketball."

No one from management was available for comment. But in yellow handouts that were given to the community, the community manager tells residents that they take pride in their community and look forward to an enjoyable summer season.

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