Landmarks go dark, millions unplug for Earth Hour

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Europe's best known landmarks -- including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Rome's Colosseum -- fell dark tonight.

It's was part of the fourth annual observance of Earth Hour in which buildings in thousands of cities in more than 120 countries are turning off lights and appliances for an hour from 8:30 p.m local time.

In the U.S., organizers say some of the participating landmarks will be the Mt. Rushmore presidential monument, the glittering Las Vegas strip and the marquee lights of Broadway theaters in New York.

The goal is to reduce energy consumption and draw attention to the dangers of climate change. Organizers are calling for a binding pact to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

As each time zone reaches the appointed hour, skylines go dark and landmarks dim.

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