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Thursday, April 01, 2010

My toddler has been asking me relentlessly to go to the jungle and see the monkeys!

Needless to say, I can't help him with that.

I've been waiting for it to get warm enough to take him to the next best place, the Philadelphia Zoo. We're so lucky in this area to have places like our zoo, which is the oldest in the country! The monkeys were a little lazy on our trip, but he really loved the giraffes. Just one problem, every morning he wakes up and says he wants to go "bye bye in car and see the giraffes!" Luckily, I got a membership for the zoo. I think we'll spend a lot of time there this Spring!

I noticed that there are a lot of parenting tips online suggesting you take kids to the zoo for a family fun summer. I thought my two-year-old was the perfect age and he was definitely ready to see the animals. (He did think a few were going to eat him, but I convinced him they were nice!) Normally our trips to the zoo are focused on the bigger girls and all the things they want to see. This time it was just one on one with my baby.

There are also tips online for taking babies to the zoo. You can check out the link below for "minti".

They suggest you mimic the sounds the animal makes and be sure to show the picture of the animal on the placards. I think that's important, because when we were there the monkeys were resting and we didn't really get a good look at them in action.

The author also suggests you focus on the animals your baby likes, so you don't tire him out seeing every animal. My son wanted to see the penguins again, and I have to admit I didn't take him back. After reading this advice column, I wish I had! It's a good tip.

Read some tips and hang out with the kids in the great outdoors this Spring!

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