Parenting: The growing trend of baby planners

Monday, July 12, 2010

You've heard of wedding planners, event planners and financial planners - but baby planners? It's the new hottest thing for expectant moms who want to be fully prepared before that little bundle of joy comes home.

"The most important things that you're buying are what's closest to your baby."

Robin Leon is about half way through her pregnancy. Although the big day is still 20 weeks away, recently she started feeling a little anxious.

"I read enough books and I come into enough places like this and it was getting a little overwhelming," said Leon.

With rows of strollers, shelves of bottles and endless aisles of car seats, who wouldn't be stressed out by all the choices? Leon wanted to get help sorting through the options and focus in on what would be best for her baby. So, she turned to baby planner Shannon Choe of Premiere Baby Concierge.

Choe tells us, "Baby planners, mom planners are kind of like your one stop shot when it comes to preparing for baby and also crossing into that new mom/parent territory."

Choe helps new moms decide on get ready for arguably the biggest transition in her life. That means creating a registry; help with throwing the baby showers and nursery design.

"Helping you look at your lifestyle and your budget and your taste and purchase what makes sense for you," explains Choe.

Choe also does a post baby inventory, to help you assess what you may still need after all going through all those gifts. But Choe has one rule because she says everyone is an individual.

"I would never as a woman make a blanket statement and say you absolutely need this or don't' need this because it's a very personal thing."

Now the cost of a baby planner runs from about $75 to $150 an hour but Choe says you can put package deals together if you're looking for more time with the baby planner.

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