Parenting: Fun in the snow?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Rick and Nicholas in the snow

Rick and Nicholas in the snow

Sure, the snow has been a pain in the neck this winter, but one thing it has provided for me is some quality father-son time.

Having an 8-year-old in the house means plenty of sledding, building snowmen, and of course hilarious snowball fights. In some ways I've been reminded of how much fun winter can be. It may just make the shoveling, the snowy traffic back-ups, the travel headaches and the slipping and sliding just a little bit more manageable - just a little bit.

If we see it through the eyes of a child, maybe it will dishearten us. During the last snowfall, while I was shoveling our walkway, Nicholas was making snow angels and having great fun.

All of a sudden he yells to me, "Hey dad come make one with me!" At first, it sounded like the craziest idea, laying on my back in almost a foot of snow... but then I saw things differently.

It was the best angel I ever made - even though it took me a while to get up. And unlike Nicholas, I wasn't wearing an insulated snow suit, so I was pretty soaked. But my spirit was warmed by the laughter and lunacy of the moment.

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