Parenting: The Importance of Roughhousing

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Parenting: The Importance of Roughhousing

There's a new book out that some parents may find a bit controversial, but I found rather interesting. It's called "The Art of Roughhousing" by Larry Cohen, a psychologist, and Anthony DeBenedet, a physician.

In the book, they point out the importance of wrestling and roughing it up with your children - from pillow fights to floor wrestling.

It may sound shocking to some, but for a father like me whose 9-year-old son likes to pretend he's with the WWF, it's a provocative concept.

In the book, the authors claim our children have become sedentary, even lazy, thanks in part to television and video games.

And they cite research that says roughhousing with your child has a number of benefits, besides simply getting them off the couch and doing something physical and fun.

According to the book, roughhousing also promotes social skills, by teaching kids how to participate in a good-natured "give-and-take". Certain types of horseplay can also help children develop coordination, motor learning, concentration, flexibility and cardiovascular strength, according to the authors.

What I've found when roughhousing with my son, is that it always induces laughter - no matter what type of day either one of us has had.

Certainly there are plenty of ways to have fun with your child, but if this is one way they want to bond with you, then why not?

I just hope my back doesn't give out!

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