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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How can you introduce your toddler to the fun world of art without the messy cleanup?

A fun website called has two great ideas for painting in peace with your pint-sized Picassos.

One idea is to cut sponges into small shapes and dip them in paint. Then put them and a small piece of white paper in a large Ziploc bag and let your toddler push, squeeze and pound on the sponges to watch the paint squirt out.

It makes fun, splattered designs on the paper and lets your toddlers get out some energy without getting covered in paint themselves or messing up the room. It's still a good idea to put down newspapers or a protective cloth in case the bag breaks but this is a fun idea.

A second creative way to paint with little cleanup uses either an empty cereal box or an empty oatmeal box. Tape a white piece of paper inside, then dip some broken crayons in different colors of paint, put them in the box and cover it with the lid.

Let your youngster shake, wiggle and maybe even throw the box, depending on what room you're in. A few minutes later, let them remove the lid and see the cool modern art they've created!

These make great Mother's Day gifts for grandmommy, or easy-to-mail art for out-of-town relatives. And they cost pennies, less than the price of the stamp to mail it!

The website is chock-full of other fun activities. Check out the toddler skeeball and the marker box ideas. I plan to try them with Zeke and Hunter, my 2-year-old twin boys, soon!

Have a great time with your little ones.

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