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Toomey & Sestak Senate race

Monday, July 12, 2010

When Pat Toomey invaded Joe Sestak country Monday the republican nominee was met with about two dozen of the retired admiral's supporters. Armed with placards critical of the conservative darling battling congressman Sestak in the senate race; Toomey's staff found a friendly household in Delaware county willing to let him blast away at Sestak's support for federal bailouts of Wall Street and the auto industry.

"In part because of Joe Sestak's votes we have a $1.6 trillion deficit last year, about the same this year, about the same next year, we are raking up debt that we have never seen before in the history of this country," said Toomey.

Conservatives like Toomey believe the bailouts will be a potent issue at the polls this fall. Toomey is already running TV ads painting Sestak as a free spending big tax liberal.

Only 2 blocks away from Toomey's appearance, Joe Sestak's rapid response machine was ready with a garden party featuring plenty of counter punching.

"He is an idealot someone who to be fair to him doesn't know any better having spent his life growing up on Wall Street creating wealth for himself," said Sestak.

Toomey, a former congressman, is under fire for his claim that he is simply a former small business owner who in the 90's ran a small restaurant business from Allentown while downplaying his 8 years as a Wall Street investment banker during the same period.

"Under oath he said that in 1998 he visited the place about once a quarter," said Sestak.

"Now it is true that I did not operate the fry-alator and I know that Joe doesn't understand how small business works having never been in business of any kind," said Toomey.

Current polls show Toomey with a modest lead but undecided's still in the double digits, the question: is Sestak too progressive/liberal for Pennsylvania or is Toomey too hard line right for the keystone state?

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