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Phillies offseason: What do they do?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The "Boys of Summer" are getting ready to take the field in a few weeks for spring training. But many of them have been in action over the winter months with various personal projects.

Jimmy Rollins is on a roll and when the 2009 season wound down he wound up! The man was busy this winter.

"Well a number of things. Well I guess two major things," he said.

First and foremost was his wedding! On January 23rd, J-Roll married his longtime girlfriend, Johari Smith, in the Cayman Islands.

"You know you get to point, it's like, wow this is a great person, this is my friend. So you go on with that and take the next step in life."

The shortstop also made a long trip for another wedding, Shane Victorino's nuptials, in Hawaii.

"Flyin Hawaiian. Yes, he got me to be in his wedding."

But when his mind wasn't on matrimony, it was on music. Rollins was busy this offseason building his record label, and banking on his cousin to help. Chanelle Nicole's album hits stores in April.

"And you know what the best part is? When she does make it, everybody can go to her for money! No!"

Elsewhere, the Phillies elder statesman, Jaime Moyer was busy raising money and, apparently doing chores.

"My husband likes to empty the dishwasher," said Karen Moyer.

"Hmm, ok, that's one of my favorite chores," Jamie admitted.

While with us at their Florida home, Moyer and his wife Karen talked about a winter's worth or work for their charity, now 10 years old. Among other things, The Moyer Foundation runs bereavement camps for children who have lost loved ones.

"As of this summer, we'll have 36 camps up and running in 23 states, also including Toronto, Canada."

Beyond his philanthropy, the pitcher spent a lot of time recovering from three separate surgeries this offseason.

"The way that I look at it, that's behind me, and I'm gonna be ready for spring training, which I'm excited about."

And as for retirement, whenever that may come.

"Honey one thing you can count on is emptying the dishwasher full time," Karen joked.

"Ok, we hit on that twice, Ok. Actually I just heard the buzzer, so I gotta go," Jamie said.

Another pitcher, Chad Durbin, spent the winter months in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, boning up on business.

"I'm kind of a, a bit of a nerd. I like to get in front of a computer and find out how business can be successful and what to do to avoid those mistakes that make them fail."

So far, his non-baseball business is successful, showcaseu.com which puts high school players in front of college scouts.

"Just finished the beta side of it, we took 90 kids, put em on the site and 85 of them are now playing at the college level."

And then the fans, 275 of whom set out on January 9th for a Phantastic cruise, with the likes of J.C Romero, Shane Victorino, Ryan Madsen and the Phanatic, along with his best friend.

"Gives him a chance to wear his Hawaiian shirt, hang out with the fans, put his feet up for about a week, and then its right back to work."

Which for the Phanatic means writing more of his beloved children's' books.

By the way not on that cruise was "The Skipper" Charlie Manuel. You might have heard the manager shed some pounds in an effort inspired in the moments after the Phillies 2008 World Series Win.

"I was down on the field, with just a t-shirt on, they were pouring champagne and beer, you know, I noticed my stomach and I thought to myself, man, holy cow, how big I was."

Now, the once borderline type 2 diabetic, 56 pounds lighter, is Nutrisystem's newest spokesman. Winter was good.

"I'd say that, without a doubt, I mean I took a relaxation and I think it's been very good for me too."

Spring training begins February 18th.

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