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GYROTONIC: Help for stiff muscles and joint pain

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Whether the pain is caused by an injury, athritis or even just old age, instuctors say GYROTONIC exercises can help.

Make up artist Yari Murray was in a car accident more than a year ago.

Even though she's tried different therapies, she still has pain and stiffness in her left shoulder.

"Sometimes having to hold up my arm it aches. I can't sleep well and I toss and turn," said Yari.

We asked Yari to try the GYROTONIC expansion system, using the custom-designed equipment of straps, pulleys and wheels.

GYROTONIC trainer Donna Zamost says the exercises take your spine and your joints through their full range of motion.

"You are not just getting flexion and extension, backwards and forwards, you are getting backwards, forwards, side to side, the rotation," Zamost stated.

Donna says it strengthens and lengthens the muscles and connective tissue, making the joints more flexible and relieving pain and stiffness, and she says it works for almost everyone.

"It is really for any body who has chronic tightness, low back pain, shoulder, hip and knee issues," Donna added.

Mi Lim, a tennis player, started the GYROTONIC program a year ago.

Lim says, "I play at least 4 to 5 times a week, also work out with a trainer. All that repetitive motion caused chronic pain up and down my back. After a few sessions with Donna I felt like my muscles were less tight, I had greater range of motion, and better able to reach for the ball."

Donna says the exercises have helped many athletes especially golfers because it can help loosen their swing.

After three sessions, Yari says, "I think it's phenomenal, I really do. I am walking different, and I feel more relaxed."

She says the shoulder pain hasn't completely gone away but she is more comfortable and able sleep.

"It feels so much better, it really does," Yari added.

A session costs about $65.00.

In some cases, some of that may be covered by insurance.

For more information go to versafitstudio.com

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