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Action News' wives reveal wedding looks

Friday, April 29, 2011

See the wedding gowns of Lisa Thomas-Laury, Cecily Tynan, Karen Rogers, Amy Buckman, Nydia Han, Alicia Vitarelli, Katherine Scott and Tamala Edwards.

Princess Diana's gown inspired many young bridal choices including that of Saving with 6abc's Amy Buckman, who 24 years ago walked down the aisle in a royal look-alike.

"It had a lot of bows, it had bows on the shoulders, my head piece was a bow, my shoes had bows," Amy described.

Meteorologist Karen Rogers' simple A-line dress wasn't what she thought she would wear.

"I always thought I wanted a big, beaded wedding gown, something really dramatic, and when I started to try them on, I just went into a totally different direction," Karen said.

Send in your photos of your wedding gown and take a look at what other Action News viewers wore on their big day!

Action News consumer reporter Nydia Han wanted something timeless.

"I didn't want something that was really trendy," Nydia said. "It had a lot of beading, it had a lot of embroidery but I think when I actually had it on it still looked simple."

Several personal touches completed Nydia's look including a purse from her mother who passed away last year and several jade hair pieces her father had given her.

As for Action News reporter Alicia Viteralli, it was about making decisions.

"When I went in they said, 'what would you like to wear' and I said, 'what do you have,'" Alicia said.

Alicia's best friend helped her create the perfect wedding dress.

"We need the top from this, we need the bottom from this, we want to add flowers, a brooch," explained Alicia.

Action News morning anchor Tamala Edwards opted for a short, vintage-style dress for her wedding in Rome, Italy.

"Just thinking about Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and other famous Italian actresses, going back to that sort of 1960's simple glamour, a little bit of sexiness, but also something classic," she explained. "It looked so perfect, the veil and the tiara, along with the dress sort of added a modern pop to a traditional look."

Action News reporter Katherine Scott managed to get back into her wedding dress for our story.

"The good news is it has a full bottom so it helps if you have a full bottom," Katherine said.

Another favorite feature ensured she would look just as beautiful now as she did then.

"I liked the fact that it had a corset so you could just suck me in," Katherine said.

It was a bias-cut halter gown for meteorologist Cecily Tynan, who thought if she had a daughter, she'd wear it one day. Five years later, Cecily loaned it to a friend!

"She said 'Can I just try yours on?' It fit her perfectly," Cecily said.

Cecily's husband, Greg, being a practical-kind-of-guy didn't mind one bit.

"He thinks it's ridiculous to spend all this money on a dress you'll wear once so he thought, 'great.' I think he wants me to rent it out," Cecily laughed.

Lisa Thomas-Laury said she always knew exactly what she wanted to wear on her wedding day. She wore a strapless, white gown that she said was her perfect dress. Her choice of fans instead of bouquets were also a nod to her unique style.

Action News reporter Vernon Odom served as best man. Vernon was the one who introduced the happy couple to each other. Action News anchor Jim Gardner hosted a wedding special that we shared with the viewers.

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