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Alicia Vitarelli hits area gyms for hottest workouts

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Action News hit area gyms to size up some of the hip, new fitness trends, and Alicia Vitarelli is not only doing the work, but she shares what is working for her.

Get fit and feel fabulous. Sometimes it's as simple as finding something you love.

With sneakers on and ready to sweat, we went on a fitness tour of the Delaware Valley to sample some of the hottest workouts around.

First stop, we give Body Cycle Studio in Center City a spin.

"I will make you work!" says Russell Carter, owner of Body Cycle. "It's pretty infectious."

It was Alicia's first time, but she was ready, pushing pedals past her comfort zone.

Spin enthusiasts swear by it.

"If I want to be stronger, if I want to be leaner, if I want more endurance," says Claudio Baudo.

The studio is also expanding to put a new spin on the routine.

"Yoga for cyclists, Pilates and also bands," said Carter.

From there, Alicia went to South Philadelphia where Shapely Girl Fitness is fusing another new fitness concoction.

"It's called Kepilates," says Debra Mazda. "It's a little bit of low impact, a little bit of kettle bells, and a little bit of Pilates."

Those funky weighted balls with handles that build muscle and helps you get lean.

And Debra Mazda might just be the best example of her own work.

"At my top weight, I was about 330 pounds, and I have lost over 150 pounds," Debra said.

She started Shapely Girl Fitness four years ago to inspire other women intimidated by exercise.

"We don't give up in here, right?" said Debra.

"Most big girls do not feel comfortable working out in a place where there's skinny, fit women," says Sally Weissinger. "I've lost 125 pounds.

"I lost 55 pounds," said Sherri Fisher.

On to Manyaunk where inside Intoxx Fitness you channel your inner gladiator.

"Spartacus or William Wallace or Joan of Arc in your case," says D.T. DiTomasso.

It is Gladiator-style sword fighting to slash and slice your way to a slim, sculpted physique.

"We are not just standing still swinging a weapon around," said D.T. "We are twisting and turning, lunging, jumping, and stretching."

"It's great for strength training, great for agility training," said Mike DiTomasso.

"My upper body, I have noticed a great difference," said Meg Welsh.

Just choose your foam weapon wisely.

"We have axes, we have maces, we have some war hammers!" explained D.T.

And finally to Wayne, Pennsylvania where the ladies are lifting, toning and burning at Pure Barre, and the special on tap is a slim, sculpted silhouette.

"Pure Barre is a combo of ballet, Pilates and yoga fused into a 55 minute intense session," explained Noelle Zane.

Alicia admits to feeling the burn, and she wasn't the only one.

"I feel incredible. I feel so much more toned," said Molly Hottenstein. "I definitely feel a little perkier in the rear!"

And you don't have to be a ballerina to get the fabulous body.

"People are dropping dress sizes, jeans sizes, and inches," said Noelle.

And Alicia is one of them. Four months in, she dropped two dress sizes taking classes at Pure Barre about four times a week.

The key is, you must love what you're doing for it to work for you. Alicia heard so many success stories at every class she visited because they were actually enjoying it.

Pricing varies from about $10 to $23 a class.

GLADIATOR: If you are a member of Intoxx Fitness the class is FREE. If you are from the outside just taking the Gladiator class, it is $10.

SHAPELY GIRL FITNESS: If you are a member of her gym, for $25 you get unlimited classes. Otherwise it is $10 a class. debramazda.com

SPINNING: Prices range. A single ride at Body Cycle Studio is $20, but packages are available. http://bodycyclestudio.com

PURE BARRE: $23 a class, but the price decreases if you buy a package deal. purebarre.com

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